Galloping Towards Love – Extended Epilogue


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It had been nearly two years since Selene and Patrick had started their life together on the vast ranch nestled in the heart of the American Wild West. Time had woven its threads through their journey, and they had faced both trials and triumphs. As they stood hand in hand on the porch of their cozy ranch house, a sense of contentment enveloped them.

The sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, amber glow over the rolling hills that stretched as far as the eye could see. The breeze carried with it the sweet scent of wildflowers, a reminder of the beauty that surrounded them.

Patrick’s arm wrapped around Selene’s waist, drawing her close as they gazed out at the breathtaking landscape. “Life out here is something else,” he said, his voice filled with wonder.

Selene rested her head against his shoulder, a serene smile gracing her lips. “It truly is, Patrick. I never imagined I’d find such peace and happiness.”

Their journey had been one of healing and growth, not just for themselves but for the relationships that meant the most to them. Selene had worked tirelessly to mend the strained bond with her mother, and it had finally begun to bear fruit. Letters were exchanged regularly, and the wounds of the past were slowly healing.

And then there was her stepfather, the once-stern man who had disapproved of Patrick. Time had softened his heart, and witnessing the love and devotion between Selene and Patrick had transformed him into a doting father figure. He had come to see Patrick as the son he never had, and the two had developed a deep bond over shared experiences on the ranch.

As for Marco, the man her stepfather had once insisted she marry, fate had taken an unexpected turn. He had indeed married, but it hadn’t been Selene. Instead, he had wed a young lady who had shown little interest in love and more interest in Marco’s wealth. Rumor had it that their marriage was far from blissful, and Selene couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief.

But the most precious development in their life was the one they held as a shared secret, a source of pure joy and anticipation. Selene gently placed her hand on her abdomen, a subtle but loving caress. “Patrick, our family is about to grow,” she whispered, her eyes sparkling with happiness.

Patrick’s gaze shifted from the horizon to Selene’s radiant face. “Are you telling me…?” He didn’t finish the sentence, his voice trembling with emotion.

Selene nodded, her heart full. “Yes, Patrick. We’re expecting a baby.”

His eyes filled with tears of joy, and he pulled Selene into a loving embrace. “I can’t believe it,” he murmured against her hair. “We’re going to be parents.”

Their love story, which had begun as a chance encounter near an old barn, had led them to this moment. They had faced adversity, confronted their pasts, and found solace in each other’s arms. Now, they were embarking on a new chapter, one filled with the promise of parenthood and the continuation of their enduring love.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting the world in shades of twilight, Selene and Patrick held each other tightly, ready to embrace the future with open hearts and boundless love. They knew that whatever challenges lay ahead, they would face them together, hand in hand, just as they had from the very beginning.

* * *

As the weeks turned into months, Selene’s pregnancy progressed, and their little ranch became a bustling hub of activity. With each passing day, Patrick’s excitement grew, and he took on the role of doting husband with unwavering devotion.

One crisp autumn morning, as the leaves painted the landscape with hues of red and gold, Selene stood in their cozy kitchen, her apron dusted with flour as she prepared a batch of biscuits. Patrick entered, his boots clattering against the wooden floor.

He wrapped his arms around her from behind, resting his hands gently on her growing belly. “How’s our little one today?” he asked, pressing a tender kiss to her cheek.

Selene smiled, feeling the familiar fluttering within her. “I think they’re excited to meet their father,” she replied, her voice filled with warmth.

Their journey toward parenthood had deepened their connection, and they often spent evenings in front of the fireplace, talking about the life they were creating together. Patrick had begun crafting handmade wooden toys for their unborn child, pouring his heart into each piece with love.

Their home was a haven of happiness and love, and as the baby’s due date drew nearer, they found themselves daydreaming about the moment they would hold their child for the first time.

One evening, as they sat on the porch under a blanket of stars, Patrick turned to Selene with a twinkle in his eye. “I can’t help but wonder, love,” he began, “what kind of parents will we be?”

Selene rested her head on his shoulder, sighing contentedly. “I believe we’ll be wonderful parents, Patrick. We’ll fill our child’s life with love, laughter, and the beauty of the world around us.”

Their shared dreams of the future seemed brighter than ever, and the prospect of becoming parents filled them with a profound sense of purpose.

The days turned colder as winter approached, and the ranch was covered in a blanket of snow. Patrick had been busy preparing their home for the arrival of their baby, ensuring that everything was safe and comfortable. He had transformed a room into a cozy nursery, complete with a crib he had lovingly crafted himself.

Selene’s belly had swelled with the promise of new life, and each day, she felt the gentle kicks and movements of their unborn child. 

One chilly morning, Selene felt a sharp pang in her abdomen, and she gasped, clutching her belly. Patrick, who had been chopping firewood nearby, rushed to her side, concern etched across his face.

“What’s wrong, Selene?” he asked, his voice filled with worry.

She smiled through the discomfort, placing a reassuring hand on his arm. “I think our little one is eager to meet us,” she replied. “I believe it’s time.”

Patrick’s eyes widened with excitement and nerves. “Time for the baby?”

Selene nodded, her breaths growing shallower. “Yes, Patrick, it’s time.”

With practiced calm, Patrick helped Selene inside, gathering their carefully packed bags. He couldn’t contain his excitement, knowing that the moment they had been eagerly anticipating was finally here.

As they made their way to the nearby town, their hearts were filled with joy and anticipation. The winter landscape glistened with a fresh layer of snow, and the world seemed to hold its breath, awaiting the arrival of their little one.

In the small, rustic clinic in town, Selene and Patrick’s lives were forever changed. With Patrick at her side, Selene brought their precious child into the world—a moment of profound love and connection. As the baby’s cries filled the room, tears of joy welled up in their eyes.

“It’s a boy,” the midwife announced, placing the tiny, squirming bundle in Selene’s arms.

Patrick leaned in, his voice trembling with emotion. “Hello there, little one,” he whispered, gazing at their son with overwhelming love. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

Selene’s heart swelled with gratitude as she cradled their newborn in her arms. They had embarked on a journey filled with uncertainty and challenges, but in that moment, they were enveloped in the warm embrace of their growing family.

With their newborn son, the Bennett family felt an overwhelming sense of fulfillment and joy. The baby, named Daniel, quickly became the center of their world, filling their days and nights with laughter, diaper changes, and the sweet melody of lullabies.

As Daniel began to grow and explore the world around him, Selene and Patrick marveled at the miracle of parenthood. Their little ranch echoed with baby giggles, and every corner held a cherished memory of their son’s first steps and words.

One sunny morning, Selene sat on the porch with Daniel in her lap, rocking him gently as she sang an old lullaby. Patrick approached, a contented smile on his face as he watched his wife and son.

“He has your eyes, you know,” Selene said, looking up at Patrick.

Patrick chuckled, his eyes filled with love. “And he’s got your spirit, Selene. Fearless and full of wonder.”

Their days were filled with the simple joys of family life—picnics by the creek, walks in the meadow, and the comforting routine of farm chores. It was a life they had both longed for, and they cherished every moment.

As the years passed, Daniel grew into a bright and curious boy. He had inherited his father’s love for animals and would spend hours with his beloved pony, Patch, exploring the vast countryside. Patrick and Selene watched with pride as their son’s bond with nature deepened.

One sunny afternoon, as Patrick and Daniel worked in the barn, Daniel turned to his father with wide-eyed wonder. “Daddy, do you think one day I could be a veterinarian like you?”

Patrick knelt down, ruffling Daniel’s hair affectionately. “Of course, son. If that’s what you want, I’ll teach you everything I know.”

The prospect of sharing his passion with his son filled Patrick’s heart with joy. Their family was a testament to love and perseverance, and the legacy of their love would continue to thrive.

As Daniel grew older, Selene and Patrick knew it was time to expand their family once more. They shared the news with Daniel that he would soon have a younger sibling, and the excitement in his eyes was contagious.

The arrival of their second child, a baby girl named Lily, brought a new wave of joy and love into their home. Daniel embraced his role as a protective older brother, showering Lily with gentle affection and care.

One evening, as Selene and Patrick sat on the porch, gazing at the starry sky, Patrick spoke softly, “Our family is complete, Selene. We have everything we’ve ever dreamed of.”

Selene rested her head on his shoulder, a serene smile on her face. “Yes, Patrick, we do. Our love has given us a beautiful life, filled with laughter and the warmth of our family.”

Their hearts were full, and as they held each other under the vast expanse of the night sky, they knew that their love story was one that had transcended time and hardship, leading them to the happiness they had always yearned for.

The years rolled by, and the Bennett family continued to thrive on their ranch, creating memories that would last a lifetime. Daniel grew into a compassionate young man, following in his father’s footsteps as a skilled veterinarian. Lily, with her mother’s spirit, filled their home with laughter and music.

On a summer evening, as the family gathered around the dinner table, Patrick raised his glass, a twinkle in his eye. “To us,” he toasted. “To the love that brought us together, and the family that fills our hearts with joy.”

Selene, with a radiant smile, echoed his sentiment. “To a love that conquered all obstacles, and to the beautiful life we’ve built together.”

Their children joined in the toast, their faces illuminated by the golden hues of the setting sun. The Bennett family knew that their love story, born in the wild west, was a testament to the enduring power of love, resilience, and the strength of family bonds.


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27 thoughts on “Galloping Towards Love – Extended Epilogue”

  1. Hello, my dears! I truly hope you enjoyed our couple’s happily ever after! They absolutely deserved this heartwarming Christmas miracle, don’t you think? I would love to know which was your favorite part! Please share them with me here! Thank you – always! ♥️✨🎄

    1. What a wonderful book. The characters were very real-like. I felt for her & the decisions she had to make while often I wanted to knock some sense into her. LOL!
      Very enjoyable reading.

    2. A great story of heartbreak and triump. I loved every page and found it was hard to put down. Thank you and I look forward to the next one.

    3. My favorite part is where Patrick goes to talk to his future father in law and they both were civil and chose to be a loving family instead of seperated by mere money. Thank you for a story i don’t feel i have to hide the book from my kids due to the language and behavior. This book had hard subjects in the plot but the author handled the whole story with love and beautifully life like feelings and no unnessesary erotic displays. It was a joy to read this book. Please keep making stories as wonderful as this one.

    4. A beautiful love story, but I wouldn’t have took as long as she did to stand up to my stepfather with my decision of who I wanted to marry , but I guess that what made this a story. Loved it and how the ending turned out for them both.

      1. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the love story! It’s always interesting how different perspectives and decisions shape a narrative. Each character’s journey adds a unique layer to the storytelling. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I’m delighted that you loved the ending!

    5. Another grest adventure. Also made me realize again how,blessed I have Been with loving parents

    6. I enjoyed the story, but am frustrated with the lack of editing! For instance Jane’s name was frequently changed to Janet, and in the extended epilogue Patrick and Selene’s last name was changed to Bennett❗️

  2. Delightful story to read. Selene’s stepfather became a surprising ally at the end of the main story. It’s surprising that the grandparents didn’t make an appearance in extended epilogue. Grandchildren are often the healers in a family relationship fraught with troubles at the beginning of a marriage.
    Thank you Ms Carol Colyer

  3. This was another great story. I liked the strong but loving young people who were sure of themselves and their love. Sometimes young people have to assert themselves when they are right. Thank you for this delightful story.

  4. I loved the characters and how you kept Selene’s rescue in suspense. You did get the last name changed to Bennet instead of Wallace in the extended epilogue

  5. I Loved this book, honestly I couldn’t put it down. I didn’t get much housework done but I don’t care, I grew up in the country, had my horses Smokey,& Dan.

  6. I love stories that draw me in and I look forward to picking up where I left off. I caught the mistake in the extended part and I was happy some one else caught it to. I do like your style of writing.

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