Love Finally Takes Control – Extended Epilogue


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It was almost a year later when Amy was sitting on the veranda and watching the work of a busy farm roll on in front of her. The sheep had successfully had babies, and they had kept a good number to add to the stock providing fleece. One of those fleeces cleaned and soft was lining the chair on which she sat. On her knee was a dark-haired baby girl called Rosie, and a grown-up baby dog called Bran was lying alongside. Bran was keeping an eye on the even younger curly-coated pup that was Pearl’s baby. She seemed to have taken on the role of mom and showed the little dog how to roll and play but gave her a sharp nip if she went too far.

Bran had taken to work with the sheep like a duck to water, and Amy was delighted. She loved working with the dogs but was annoyed that she seemed unable to learn to whistle. She left that to the men and contented herself with calling out to the dogs. Kip worked well for her as well, and it was real pleasure Amy derived from watching the two dogs do what they were bred for.

Little Rosie gurgled and reached up to pull at her mom’s hair. Amy kissed the little one’s fingers and showed her the soft rag doll that was her new toy. Auntie Barbara came and sat on the next chair and held out her hands for the baby.

“Having a nearby auntie is very handy thank you, Barbara,” she said and went to pour herself a cup of coffee. “When are your parents due to arrive?” she asked when she came back and sat down.

“Sometime tomorrow,” she answered. “They are travelling in a wagon so they can bring the wheelchair.”

“He can walk a little bit, I hear?” Amy queried, and Barbara nodded.

“With a stick he can manage. It really bothered him that he couldn’t give me away at the wedding, but he was just too ill at the time.”

“Maybe,” Amy said thoughtfully, “we could have a sort of wedding party, invite friends and let him walk you in.”

Barbara smiled and said it was a nice thing to say. “It would be a good excuse to get everyone together,” she added, “real friends who would not mind Rav and Mila being here as well.”

“Can’t wait to see little Wolven again. He is such a handsome little boy.”

“And quite clever I think,” Amy agreed. “The next generation of Apache will have to learn to make their way in a very different world.”

“He has two good teachers with Rav and Mila,” Barbara said.

Oliver strode over from the barns, and Rosie held up her arms immediately.

“Daddy’s girl, that one,” Barbara said, and Oliver smiled agreement.

The baby was four months old and starting to take in what was going on around her.

“Well, if Daddy can sit there for a few minutes, I can check on the dinner,” Amy said and went into the kitchen. She came back with a cold drink for Oliver and took the baby back for a feed. She went back to her theme of a party for Barbara’s parents, and Oliver said that it was fine by him but Mack and Barbara should decide.

“I hope the extension to the house is finished, or they will be sleeping in the kitchen,” he said to Barbara with a grin, but she told him that the second bedroom was complete and looked lovely. They all looked across to where the new log house was standing in the space between the main house and the barns.

“I love my little house, Oliver,” Barbara said and gave him a peck on the cheek as she stood up. “I’ll ask Mack what he thinks about the party.”

When she had gone, Oliver looked at Amy.

“You think it’s a good idea, but let them decide.”

“Sometimes,” Oliver Truman, “you are very annoying when you know what I am thinking,” Amy told him, but she smiled when she said it, and he reached across and laid a hand on her arm.

“You have no idea how wonderful you look, sitting on the veranda and feeding our gorgeous daughter.”

“I like sitting here because I can see how the farm is expanding. It is so good to see the place grow,” she told him. They both looked across at the men working at various things.

“We make a great team,” he told her, “and we need to start building the bunkhouse and a small cookhouse. You cannot go on feeding the men in the house forever.” She nodded but said she would miss the chat and the banter when the hands all came to eat.

“Could we join the cookhouse to the house, and then I would just need someone to help me. It would still feel like one big family.”

He stood up and went down the steps to gaze back at the house. Then he returned.

“It would work if we put another door into the cookhouse so that they didn’t have to come into the kitchen.” He shook his head. “Your ideas never cease to amaze me, Amy. Making everyone feel like family is maybe the key to the place being a success.”

She stood up and handed him Rosie, straightened her dress, and took a breath.

“You are going to tell me something,” he said. She nodded and hesitated. “Go on,” he prompted. “What have you done?”

She shook her head in turn.

“Not something I did by myself,” she answered. “I think we might need another bedroom as well as a cookhouse.” He frowned and looked puzzled for a few seconds and then opened his eyes wide.

“Amy, are telling me?”

“I think so. I think maybe we are going to be a family of four.”

His face gave her all the answer she needed. He went inside and popped the baby into the cradle and then came back to fold her in his arms.

“We are so lucky you and I. That is wonderful news.”

“Keep it yourself until we are certain,” she said. “But if the cookhouse is built quickly, I can keep an eye on things even though I will get big again.”

He nodded and started to work out in his head how to get the wood and how many men would be able to help him do the building.

“The shearing will be done in about three weeks,” she added, “that still gives us plenty of time.”

“And hopefully, we will get a good price for all of the wool.”

“I knew you would make it a success,” she told him.

“We would make it a success,” he insisted. “We need to have something to hand on to these children we seem to be bringing into the world.”

“These children?” Barbara was quick to hear the last sentence as she stepped inside.

“Maybe,” Amy told her, “don’t say anything until I am sure,” Amy said and Barbara came to give her a quick hug.

“Wonderful,” she said.

”Is Mack around?” Oliver asked, and Barbara said he was in the stable. She said she would go to find him, and when they came back, Oliver said that he wanted to run a couple of things to see what they thought.

He explained Amy’s idea about the cookhouse.

“Sounds sensible to me,” Mack said. “The other thing I wondered was if you needed an office of some sort to deal with paperwork, wages, and everything else that comes up. Would it cost a lot more to add something like that?”

“That is a brilliant idea,” Amy said. Oliver nodded and agreed.

“The men don’t mind sleeping in the wagons, but what about converting the second barn to a bunkhouse for the time being?” Mack asked.

“That’s what I like in a foreman,” Oliver said. “Somebody who can think on their own.”

Amy looked at him, and she knew what was coming next.

“So, will you accept being the foreman, Mack?” The man had not even thought that Oliver was referring to himself, and it took him some seconds to take it in.

“Of course, he will,” Barbara said and gave her husband a push.

“Yes, of course I will. Thanks Oliver.”

The two men shook hands.

“So, supervising the temporary bunkhouse conversion is your responsibility.” Oliver grinned. “We can share the office. The other thing is to ask if Barbara would like the official position as cook in the new kitchen. It looks like Amy might have her hands full, and she also likes to work with the sheep.”

“Oh, how marvelous.” Barbara jumped up and gave Oliver a hug.

“It’s funny how a team comes together. We all work well,” Amy said.

“Kenny still is in charge of the sheep and what needs doing with them,” Oliver added.

“Speaking of which, as Rosie is asleep, I will walk down and see how the flock is looking,” Amy said. Oliver watched her go and thought for the hundredth time how lucky it was that his wife loved the work.

“I can snatch a coffee and keep an eye on Rosie,” he said.

When she came back, Amy was carrying some bits of fleece and scraps of wool.

“The men were making a start on some of the flock, but these bits are no use to sell. I think I might just make a little pile for Mila. I’m sure she will be able to use them.”

“I’ll go and see if they need any help,” he said, “no shearing for you Amy … they are far too heavy to be heaving around.”

“I know. I know.” She sighed. “I can’t have everything. The baby has to come first.” He went away to see how the men were faring, and she took the luxury of some time to herself. She closed her eyes and was having a little sleep when Barbara rushed in and said her folks had arrived early.

The place came to life to welcome them as Ellie and Garner climbed out of the wagon. They were stiff and sore from the journey but glad to have arrived.

“Let’s find you a comfortable seat after that bumpy ride,” Barbara said and ushered her mom and dad into her new house.

“You catch up on family news, and I’ll make something to eat for you,” Amy said and set off back to the kitchen. She commandeered some help from people around her and when the food was ready had several helpers carry over the meal to Barbara’s house and left the family to eat together and catch up on family news.

She cleared away the kitchen and picked up Rosie, called for Bran, and went off to see how the sheep were being sheared. Amy loved the activity of it all and how Kip put the animals into the right pens so that the men could take them one at a time and with a clipper in one hand take off an entire and undamaged fleece. There was a growing collection of the wool being stacked in the barn.

Kenny came and took Bran to give her some work experience and let Kip have a well-earned rest. Amy left the dog in his capable hands and found a log to sit on down beside the vegetable area. She could see Oliver in amongst the sweetcorn, and there was a growing amount of harvested pieces in the wagon.

Tomorrow that will have to go into town, she thought and then made her way back to the house. The baby settled for a sleep, and Barbara popped in to ask if she could bring her parents across.

“I can come to them if it is easier,” Amy replied. Barbara said that her dad wanted to walk as much as he could. She went off, and before long Amy heard the family talking as they came up the steps and into the house. Barbara’s dad was definitely walking more quickly with the aid of a stick, and it was lovely to see that things were getting better.

When they were settled and had cold drinks in their hands, Barbara went back to Amy’s idea of the party, and she said her dad thought it was a great idea.

“Oh, it would be wonderful to do,” Amy said. “I love organizing these things.”

“But we are only here for a week,” Ellie exclaimed.

“This is Wednesday,” Amy said. “What about Saturday?”

“Can you do it in that time?” Garner asked, and his daughter said that they should watch the team in action. She looked at Amy, and they were as excited as each other.

“Enjoy your drinks,” Amy said. “I will put things into action straightaway.

Oliver was still in the sweetcorn but nearly finished, and he saw Amy coming with her action look in place.

“What have I got to do?” he asked but smiled as he said it.

“Send out some riders to tell friends that Saturday we are having a party to let Barbara’s dad walk her down the aisle. We need friends who are real friends because I want you to go and invite Rav as well.” He wiped his hands and followed her back to the barns. Several men were working, and he called for Kenny and Roddy and gave them the news.

“Sweetcorn has to go into town anyway,” Roddy said. “I can do that and go to the livery. They will pass on invitations and sort out some food.”

“No time like the present,” Amy said, and the man went off to find a horse for the wagon. Kenny said he would ride to the ranch and tell Rose and took off to find a good horse to gallop all the way while Amy found the men who had made the hog roast for her own wedding and asked them to do the same again.

“We’ve still got the tables. We need the minister to bless the couple and the band to play and make the whole thing a real get together.”

“Once Amy gets going, we might as well all just go along with it,” Oliver said, and the men grinned. They all agreed with him. She went back to the house well-pleased with her efforts and told the family what she had set in motion.

So, before then, you need to practise the walk and decide what to wear,” Amy finished and then looked at Barbara, “did you learn that pastry making from your mom?” Barbara looked at her mother who volunteered immediately to bake for the party.

Amy pointed a finger at Garner.

“This is for you, so relax and decide where you will walk. We will enjoy making it happen.”

“Don’t fight it, Garner,” Oliver said as he came inside. “Just let the whirlwind blow over your head.” Amy threw a cushion at him that he caught. “And now I have to ride over to the settlement?”

“You see, sometimes it helps to know what I am thinking,” she remarked and heard the baby make a noise that suggested maybe food was needed.

He spoke to Barbara’s parents for a few minutes and then went off to find a horse.

Amy was doing just what she loved for the next couple of days. She juggled baby, house, food for the workers, keeping a hand in with the sheep and planning the party. Oliver could not help noticing that she was as happy as anything. It did his heart good to see it.

The baby slept in a crib beside the bed, and he often lay and wondered where this enormous amount of love had come from and how glad he was that the one request for someone to help in his life had been rewarded.

“I love you, Amy Louise Truman,” he said as they curled together for the night.

She wrapped her arms around him and told him that she was one lucky girl when a man like Oliver loved her.

“And Rosie is the icing on the cake,” she added. He ran his hand over her tummy. “Maybe little Joshua,” she said.

“Another member of team Truman,” he said and let her worry about the party. He had a whole sheep and vegetable place to run. The nights were blessedly peaceful. Everyone was relaxed and part of a growing business.

The next few days sped by, and the girls found a ‘wedding’ dress for Barbara because her own was in Mariantown. Mrs Jameson had come to the rescue again and delved into her trunk of treasures. Ellie took on the task of stitching the alterations, and when Barbara tried it on, it was suddenly magical.

“You could wear the green dress you had when Rose married and walk behind me,” Barbara suggested, and Oliver let himself be roped in as well.

“Shall we climb out of the window for old times’ sake?” Amy asked mischievously, and they planned to do just that.

Saturday came, and an early start made the place ready for visitors who all arrived bearing food and gifts. Some of them were really glad to come because they had not been able to get to the actual wedding.

The trestle tables were decked with the cloths, and Ellie had found wildflowers to scatter down the centre. The hog roast had been underway since dawn, and the horses were turned out into the paddock. The fiddler struck up a foot tapping tune as soon as he arrived but talked to Reverend Mackie when that man and his wife drove up.

Cautiously, Rav and Mila arrived at the gate, and Amy ran to meet them and hug the woman in full view. It was quite obvious that these were friends, and Amy was not about to let anyone say otherwise. They had little Wolven in a carrier strapped onto Rav’s horse. Amy immediately took the boy in her arms. He pulled her hair and gave her a sloppy kiss.

As it happened, everyone there except Ellie and Garner knew Rav, and some of them came straight over to say hello. Wolven was an instant hit with the women. Roddy found them bales of straw to sit on, and he and Katie sat with them. Amy smiled at them in a thank you. Katie Jameson was a well-liked member of society, and her family was respected. It helped to make the way easier for their Apache guests.

Garner Stanstead could not climb out of the window but was around the corner waiting with Oliver. Mack was on the veranda steps, and the reverend called everyone to order.

The fiddler played a gentle tune, and around the side of the house Barbara and her dad with Oliver and Amy behind were a lovely sight.

Amy had just thought about the planning, but like most of the women there felt the tears threaten to make themselves felt when the occasion actually started.

Barbara looked radiant in a satin dress with ribbons at the sleeves and neck. She had flowers in her hair—another Ellie touch—and her dad was walking straight and proud although he had his daughter’s arm on one side and a walking stick on the other. They came around in a circle, and Mack waited for her on the steps. A spontaneous round of clapping came from the congregation, and the minister gave a little service that he had made up to bless the happy couple.

Someone had thoughtfully put a chair for Garner, and he sank into it. The people sang a hearty hymn and then Mack kissed his wife and they led the way to food, drink, and dancing.

“This is a success, I think,” Amy said with satisfaction as they watched from the steps of the house.

“It wouldn’t dare be anything else,” a voice said behind her, and she swung around to throw her arms around Josh.

“Oh, I haven’t had time to see you. You are growing taller every day,” she said. Rose and Aaron were mingling with everyone.

“Where’s Rosie?” the lad asked. He adored the baby, and he and Amy went to get her from her crib. The baby seemed to know instinctively who was holding her, and she gurgled happily and smiled at him.

“I’m sure she knows it’s you,” Amy told him.

“I’ll take her outside for a bit,” he said, and she trusted him with her precious bundle. For a sixteen-year-old, he was so mature. She saw him attract a crowd of women as soon as he stepped from the house. She was as proud of the boy as if she had raised him herself. Oliver put his arm around her shoulders.

“You love that boy,” he said, and she nodded.

“It’s like he was ours.”

They went to make sure everyone was eating and drinking and then the band struck up music and the place seemed to have energy of its own.

She went and took Rosie.

“Go and dance with that nice girl Carrie,” she told him.

“Nothing gets past you, Ames,” he said and pecked her cheek. “You’ll always be my best girl.” She felt the tears well up but busied herself with the baby and sat beside Ellie watching the dancing.

“Thanks for this,” the woman said. “It means a lot to Garner, and it’s great to see how many friends Barbara has made.”

“Come and meet Rav and Mila,” Amy said and took the woman over to where the Apache couple was eating with Katie and Roddy. She introduced Barbara’s mom, and Ellie offered to take the little boy on her knee. Mila was still amazed that so many of these people were prepared to accept them, but Wolven seemed happy to sit on anybody’s knee as long as there might be sweetmeats involved. He was being spoiled by everyone.

“What a handsome man he is going to be,” Ellie said.

“Like his mom,” Oliver added as he joined the group and took something to eat. Rav smiled and said nothing.

“You know,” Roddy said, “I guess everyone would love to see you two have a bow and arrow competition again. They all know you shot the man who had Amy by the throat with one.”

“My hero,” she said with a grin and felt the top of her head. “Still hurts sometimes.”

What they did not know was that Roddy had been asked to suggest it. He glanced at Katie, and she backed him up.

“Go on you two. Nobody else would join in would they?” That was the sentence that she had been told to say, and Roddy stood up and clapped his hands.

“Anyone like to see a shooting competition with bow and arrow?” There were loud cheers and shouts of yes. “Anyone else but Rav and Oliver wanting to have a go?” There was a short pause because no one really expected a challenge, but a grinning Josh stepped forward and said he would give it a try.

For once, Amy Truman was speechless. Roddy went to set up the targets, and Barbara went for the bow and arrows. Rav had one of his own on his saddle. Rose and Aaron came and stood with Amy.

“He practises,” she murmured quietly to Amy. “He wants to be like Oliver. He has his own bow and arrows.” Amy looked at her and Rose nodded. “From the day they built that tree house, he has taken notice of everything Oliver does.”

“And I never noticed,” Amy said almost to herself. “Come on Josh. Beat them both.”

“Two practise shots,” Mack called. “Same as the last time.”

The competition was underway, and the crowd had made a circle. They went very quiet, and Oliver, Rav, and Josh solemnly shook hands.

“Visitors first,” Oliver said, and Rav stood at the line of stones. There were targets in different sizes, and Rav hit the first quite easily and in the centre. Josh covered his nerves well and stepped up to do the same. Amy held her breath and prayed he would not be embarrassed. He let fly an arrow and put it very close to the first.

There was a round of applause. Oliver managed to slice his arrow between the other two.

“Next round,” Mack called, and the same thing happened. The third target was very small. Rav speared it easily and retrieved his arrow from the door. Josh and Oliver both stood with their weapons at the ready. Josh took up his position and pulled back the string of the bow and then everyone gasped because all three contestants saw the movement at the same time, swung their bows at one point, and all shot as one.

Mack grabbed a pitchfork and ran to where they had shot. He poked at the ground and shouted that it sure was dead.

“What was it?” Ellie asked. “What happened?”

“I think it was probably a snake,” Rose said and went over to find out.

Mack clapped his hands and shouted for attention.

“All three contestants are winners because the final target was a snake, and all three of them nailed it.” There was loud cheering and clapping, and Barbara came over with a tray of three whiskies.

“Well done,” she said. They took the drinks and downed them, but Josh had a nasty coughing fit, and Oliver slapped him on the back. “Said you were still too young,” he said.

“Good thing it wasn’t Moonshine’s,” Rav added.

The band had taken a breather and struck up a lively tune. The circle formed, and the dancing was fast and furious. Oliver handed Rosie to Ellie and grabbed Amy by the hand.

“Come on. We can still do this.” They joined the circle, whirled away from each other, met up again and then under the archway of arms to separate and start all over again. They staggered back to where Ellie was watching, gasping for breath.

“Did you say we could still do this? I am feeling my age,” Amy panted. Barbara said that she was glad that she had not tried it. Mack came and joined them. He took his wife’s hand, and Amy saw the look that passed between them.

“I’ll take Rosie inside and give her a feed,” Amy said. “It will give me time to get my breath back.”

She sat at the window where she could still see what was happening and smiled that everyone was having a good time. Rose came and sat beside her.

“You happy with today?” she asked.

“I am, and it’s nice to let Barbara’s dad have the chance to walk her down the aisle.”

“We are lucky, you and I,” Rose told her, and Amy nodded and then looked again. There was something different about Rose, and it suddenly hit Amy like a thunderbolt. The smile spread across her face.

“You are, aren’t you?” she asked, and Rose smiled in return.

“Just three months, but I am pretty certain.”

“Oh, how wonderful. Congratulations. Yes, we are lucky you and I.”

“But you deserve it, both of you,” Oliver said as he joined them. “Two women who fight for what is right and work as hard as any man. Aaron and I are the lucky ones.” He held out his hands for Rosie and patted her back to make her bring up the wind.

“And a man that knows how to burp a baby. What more could I ask?” Amy said and nudged Rose. Outside the window, Josh was walking around the house with the girl he had been whirling around in the dance.

“He’s going to show her the tree house,” Amy said.

The day drew to a close. It had been a major success, and the carriages, wagons, and horses rolled away into the evening. Rose, Aaron, and Josh were last to go.

“Well that staggered me, Josh,” Oliver told him. “You must have put some practise in.”

“Enjoyed it, though,” Josh replied. “It was good to see the looks on your faces.”

“We’ll have a get-together soon,” Rose told them as she mounted the horse. They waved the three of them off and went inside.

“I think we did Ellie and Garner proud,” Amy said with some satisfaction. “And it’s always good to catch up with everyone.” She laughed. “Maybe Roddy and Katie will be the next big party.”

“Oh, Lord,” Oliver answered. “That would mean building another new house.”

“You like it really,” she joked as she changed little Rosie and settled her in the crib in the bedroom. He came in and caught her hand to pull her to sit beside him on the bed.

“I love you, Amy Louise Truman,” he said. “You are a wonder.”

“And who made me a wonder? Oliver Truman, of course. The man that I came to make a deal with and fell head over heels in love instead.”

“And I was alone, struggling, ill and had enemies. You made them all go away.” He thought for a moment. “You know I never thought of it before, but you have saved Juliville as well. It had a dodgy sheriff, people who were nasty to each other, and you put that right as well. You even made a friend of Missus Vardy. You managed all of that because you came into my life.”

“Rose is having a baby,” she said ignoring the compliments. “That is great news and not my fault.” He laughed.

“We’ll be swamped with babies before very long,” he said. “Only need Barbara to start, and the place will be full of them.”

“Mmm,” she told him. “Maybe there is something going on there as well. I just have a feeling.”

She pushed him back onto the bed and leaned over to claim his lips with her own.

“This is all because I can’t help loving you all the time. You are my reason to be alive, Oliver. Happy ever after. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I am one lucky woman.”


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