Love on Her Own Terms – Extended Epilogue


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Mid-March, Josie came to them by stage, her trunk in tow.

“Morgan Earp was murdered last night,” she said, in tears. “I’m too terrified to stay in town.”

“Murdered?” Kate exclaimed.

“Terrified for yourself?” Dan asked her.

She shook her head. “Terrified for the rest of them. Kait, you said if I ever needed anything …”

“Yes, yes, Josie, of course,” Kait said.

That very night, Wyatt showed up at the ranch. Dan was outside, and Wyatt was talking. Kait could tell by his voice that he was beyond angry. But, then, why wouldn’t he be?

He came storming into the house, knocking the door back against the wall, shattering some of the paint and plaster, but he took no notice.

“Josie, I’m putting you on the stage to Benson. You’ll take the train to L.A., then you can make your own arrangements to get to San Francisco.”

“Why?” she asked, and Wyatt looked exasperated.

“There’s no time, Josie,” he said. “You just need to come with me.”

Dan stepped in. “Wait,” he said. “I can take her into Tombstone in the morning.”

Wyatt was looking wild-eyed. “No—wait,” he said. “Dan’s right. You’ll be safer here. I’m leaving in the morning to find and get justice for Morgan. But if you don’t see me in four days, you have Dan take you to the stage.” He opened his wallet and handed her a wad of cash. “This will at least get you there,” he said.

“Wyatt,” Josie began, “I don’t want to …”

“Leave me? Darlin’ I’m not sure I’ll even come back alive.”

He pulled her to him and kissed her hard on the mouth.

“Just go to California. Please do what I’ve asked.”

“Are you afraid for me?” she asked.

“Behan’s got his own posse, and he’s turned against us. I don’t want this to come back on you. Travel under my name.”

She nodded with tears in her eyes. “As what?”

“As Mrs Wyatt Earp, of course.”

He opened the door and was gone.

She threw herself into Kait’s arms. “Why, oh why? I put up with Behan for so long. Then someone like Wyatt comes along, who is so decent and kind. Never once has he treated me like the saloon girl that I am.”

Kait held her and let her cry herself out, then she took her upstairs to her own room.

Four days passed with no sign of Wyatt. On the morning of the fifth day, Dan hitched the horses to the buggy, and they took her to the stage.

“Maybe once all this craziness is over, you can come back,” Kait said.

Josephine shook her head. “I’ll not come back if Wyatt’s not here. I’m not subjecting myself to Johnny Behan again.”

“Well, I meant to come back here to the ranch, not to Tombstone.”

“And do what? Become your barkeep and entertain your guests?”

“Well, then,” Kait said, taking Josie’s hands. “I’ll just have to come and see you wherever you are. You’ll always be my best friend.”

Josie hugged her neck, kissed her again, and climbed into the stagecoach.

“What do you suppose has happened to Wyatt?” Kait asked when the stage had pulled away.

“Let’s wait a few more days, and I’ll come into town and find out,” Dan said. “In the meantime, Grace, try not to take the weight of the whole world onto your shoulders.”

A few months later, Dan came to her. “You’ve never said anything about wanting to see your parents. I heard you talking to Doyle one time about forgiveness, after all he did to you, and all the distress it brought. Surely, if you can forgive Doyle, you can forgive your parents.”

“I—I have forgiven them,” she said. “I guess I’m just worried that they won’t have forgiven me.”

“Nonsense, Grace, how could anyone not love you? And didn’t you say that forgiveness was not about eliciting a response from the other party?”

She finally learned that he called her Grace when he wanted to remind her of compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and to try to dispel her worry.

“I’m sure their pride was hurt; their feelings were hurt …” Dan said.

Their feelings were hurt?”

“I know you were hurt most of all, Kait, but if you say you’ve forgiven them …”

“Sometimes it’s easier in theory than in practice,” she said.

“I have an idea,” he said.

He was silent for a moment, and she looked up at him. He was waiting until he had her full attention.

“Doyle is coming into his own. He’s been working side by side with me for months now. He has rejoined the family table, and it’s good. I feel like I can leave him in charge of the ranch indefinitely.”

“Indefinitely? But what if …?”

He put his hand up to silence her. “I’ve been through all the what if’s I possibly can, and I’ve worked them out sufficiently to protect our interests.”

“What are you proposing?”

He took a deep breath. “That we take the train back to Boston. See Siobhan if she’s there. You can show me both conservatories—the private one, and the one from which you graduated.”

“Um, showing you my private conservatory would mean seeing my parents.”

“Uh-huh. It’s time.”

Her heart began to beat like a little bird. Before she could speak, Dan stepped forward and took her hands. “Trust me on this one. What’s the worse they can do? Refuse you? Reject you? Insult you? You have me backing you up every step of the way. Let me be your Strength as you are my Grace.”

She just looked at him, dumbfounded.

“You do trust me, don’t you Kaitlyn?”

“Yes, yes, of course, I do,” she said, recovering from her shock.

“Then trust me in this. Oh, and I forgot. After Boston, we’ll be sailing for Europe. We’ll stay six months and see as much of it as possible.”

She had to sit down. “I—I’m completely overcome,” she said. “I can’t even imagine.”

“Neither can I,” he said. “I’ve never been farther from Tombstone than San Francisco.”

“What about Josephine?”


“I told her I would always be here for her.”

“Well, she can send us a telegram, if she wants to, and we can make any arrangements that she needs.”

Kait looked doubtful.

“What?” Dan asked. “You left Boston behind—your parents, your best friend, someone who wanted to marry you—you’ve admitted to me yourself that it was thoughtless of you. But now you worry about everybody else.”

“Maybe it’s penance,” she said.

“Well, I think you’ve bought yourself out of Purgatory several times over.”

She laughed. “Yes, yes!” she said, grabbing his arms and pulling him into an Irish jig.

“We must visit Ireland, he said, and find more Gallaghers. And more O’Sheas?”

“And more O’Sheas,” she said. “Maybe even some McKennas,” she teased.

As if the Universe was acknowledging her letting go of things, the next day she got a letter from Josephine. Lupe had brought it up to her, and she sat reading it at her vanity.

Dan walked in, and she looked up. “Wyatt joined Josie in San Francisco last July,” she reported, still studying the letter, and now they’re talking about the new gold and silver mines in Colorado.”

Dan stepped closer to her and lifted her up onto her feet. “So, Josephine has protection now, given by someone she loves. I see good things for them.”

“Oh, I hope so,” Kait said.

“So, now, do you feel released so that you can go to Boston and on to Europe?”

“I guess I do. I wanted love on my own terms, but I have to be free to do that. Now, I feel free. This is very good news from Josephine.”

“That’s good,” he said, “because I bought train tickets for March, and then passage to Europe in April.”

“In March. Two years from the time I left.”

“That wasn’t lost on me,” he said.

Winter flew by, and before she knew it, the trip was imminent. Dan came in while she was packing a trunk.

“Hey,” he said. “We’re visiting Europe, not moving there.”

“Six months is a long time.”

“Yes, but you don’t have to wear a different dress, shoes, and hat every day. If we just had one destination, it might be okay, but we’ll be moving around from place to place all the time. I don’t want to have to lug a trunk or pay for its passage nor to be carried to every hotel room. You say you want to be free—this is the way to start. If I recall, you came here with a single bag.”

“Tell me our itinerary again,” she said.

“I don’t have it memorized, but we’ll dock at Plymouth, England, then travel overland to see much of it—the stuff of dreams, really—Devon, Cornwall, the Cotswolds, the moors, Stonehenge and Avebury. Then on to London. Then we’ll go to Ireland and spend as much time exploring as we want. Beyond that, I don’t know—Paris, of course, Rome, Vienna, Athens …”

She came to him and kissed him to stop his mouth. “I get it,” she said.

“Really, anywhere you want, for as long as you want. You can lead me.”

“I’d really love to attend concerts wherever we go.”

“Of course! I would expect nothing less.”

“Back to packing,” she said, “are you wearing … those?”

He looked down and laughed. “I’ll bet we would be welcomed wherever we went if I did. An American cowboy in Paris.”

She looked at him dubiously.

“Although,” he said, “I’ll likely dress more like the cattle baron I’m becoming, but with some unique Arizona touches.”

She shook her head. “You sound like a men’s fashion catalogue.”

“Where do you think I get ideas like that?”

“I have to laugh,” she said. “Most of my friends think cowboys are these big silent types who do nothing but ride horses all day.”

“Well, they’re not wrong. That’s what I was before you came along,” he said, putting his hands around her waist. “If I’m going to have a wife as classy as you, I need to be sure I keep up, or we’ll have some other poor sod feeling sorry for you, and then I’ll have to fight him off …”

“No, no. I think it’s perfectly all right for you to dress with some Wild West flair. By now they’ve probably heard about gun-fighting Marshall Wyatt Earp in Europe.”

“I wouldn’t doubt that one bit.”

Even though she had been entranced by the scenery coming out to Arizona, she had also been riddled with angst, guilt, and fear. This time, for the most part, she was much more relaxed. Never having been east of the Arizona territory, Dan was in awe of all they saw and experienced.

They spent three days in New Orleans before going on to Chicago. She took him to the Café duMonde and told him of her friends whom she had met on the train, and who had brought her there. They spent two nights at the beautiful, recently renovated St. Charles Hotel.

They decided to spend a night in Chicago as well. Since she hadn’t left the train station the last time, she had somehow missed the architecture of the city. They laughed and said they couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than tourists the way they gawked at the steel-structure buildings of tremendous height.

Kait had been to New York City, but she thought even it did not have architecture like that of Chicago.

She remembered how she had sent that fateful telegram from the Chicago station that Doyle had intercepted, and the wild ride had begun.

Soon they were off to Boston. Dan couldn’t help noticing that his wife became increasingly taciturn as they approached the city. He knew she was fretting about meeting her parents. He touched her as much as she would allow—holding her hand, nuzzling her, whatever she seemed to need at the moment. He wanted her to feel his warmth and strength surrounding her.

As they approached the Back Bay Station in Boston, Dan had an idea. Why not get a room at a prestigious hotel, wherever she thought was best, and to invite her parents to meet them there, on more neutral ground? He could see a lot of the anxiety leave her face and posture when he suggested it.

They stayed at the sumptuous Parker House Hotel, and the dining was magnificent. Kait wanted to relax a bit, so they toured the city, and she was able to relay many stories and memories to Dan.

The second day, she used the hotel stationery to send a note to her parents.

“Dear Mother and Father,” it read. “I have returned to Boston for a visit. I am here in the company of my husband, Dan Gallagher, a cattleman from the Arizona Territory. We are staying at the Parker House Hotel, and we would love to receive you here for supper tomorrow night at 8 o’clock.”

She gave it to a runner and asked him to wait for a reply. Two hours later, the runner returned. The reply read:

“Dear Mrs Gallagher, I wish to thank you for your lovely invitation to dine with you and your cattleman husband. I will have to let you know at a later time, as I have no way of contacting your father during the work day, and I most certainly would have to consult him before agreeing to the meeting.”

Kait dropped her hands into her lap with an exasperated sigh. She lifted the card up to Dan. “Welcome to the world of my mother.”

“At least she didn’t dismiss the possibility out of hand.”

“No, because she knows if she did and my father ever found out about it that there would be hell to pay.”

“Are you going to check to see whether Siobhan is back in Boston by any chance?”

“Yes, I will. Perhaps my parents will give us news of her.”

It wasn’t until noon of the next day that she received another card. This one was from her father.

“My lovely daughter! Your mother and I will be pleased to dine with you and Mr Gallagher this evening in the Parker House dining room at 8 p.m.”

“Aaand,” Kait said, handing him the new card, “welcome to the world of my father.”

Dan gave a low chuckle. “Well, at least they’re coming. I plan to charm your mother and disarm your father.”

“Just don’t be ruffled by anything my mother says. I’m serious, one never knows what she will come up with. She’s, well, forthright, to say the least.”

“I promise,” Dan said, “but that goes for you, too. She may right now be going over every imaginary conversation she has had with you in the last two years. Some of that is bound to come out. I know you’ve managed to suppress most of yours, but that doesn’t mean it’s lying far beneath the surface.”

She sighed and nodded her assent.

Dan and Kait had themselves seated in the dining room the next evening. They left word with the Maître d’, so he could seat her parents as soon as they arrived. Dan made Kaitlyn sit with her back to the door. She was so tempted to look over her shoulder to look for them, but she didn’t want to be caught gawking.

She looked at Dan. He looked very sharp in his midnight blue dinner jacket, black trousers, and black puff tie.

Dan ordered an aperitif for them while they waited. Kait saw Dan looking across the room. He got out of his chair and stood, smiling. The Maître d’ arrived at the table with Mr and Mrs O’Shea close behind.

“Mr O’Shea,” Dan said, “Dan Gallagher.” He put out his hand to shake Mr O’Shea’s, and it was returned with a strong grip. The man looked directly into Dan’s eyes as if sizing him up.

Kait stood. “Mother,” she said, offering her the European bissous. Her father hugged her.

“It’s good to see you, Kathleen,” her father said. “You are certainly not the little girl that left here two years ago; you’ve become quite an enchanting young woman.”

Mr O’Shea pulled out the chair to allow Kait’s mother to be seated, and Dan did the same for Kaitlyn. He reminded himself that he had to remember to call her Kathleen.

“What looks good on the menu?” Mr O’Shea asked.

“We’ve just arrived ourselves and haven’t had a chance to look. Perhaps they can offer some recommendations,” Dan said.

The waiter served them their drinks and then rattled off several succulent-sounding dishes.

“There’s nothing I love more than a good New York Strip Steak,” Mr O’Shea said. “How about you, Mr Gallagher?”

“We have a lot of beef out where we live, so I believe I’ll have something else,” Dan said smiling.

The men dominated the dinner conversation. Her father was shooting all kinds of questions at Dan about being a cattleman, what it was like to raise cattle in the desert, did they ever have rainfall? There barely was a breath between Dan’s responses and her father asking another question. Kait began to surmise it was to keep her mother from talking.

The women ordered a light dessert, and the men retired to the Gentlemen’s Club Lounge for a smoke.

“Dear, dear,” her mother began. “Whatever made you want to marry a cowboy?”

“He’s not a cowboy, mother—he’s a rancher, a cattleman. Out where we are, cowboys are the outlaws.”

“Oh? I thought they all were.”


“Yes, that’s all you read in the newspapers when they report on the West. What was that town you said you live near?”


“What a godawful name for a town. Anyway, that’s where that Marshall Earp is from that killed all those men.”

Kait wanted to smirk. She wondered what her mother would think if she knew that they had entertained Marshall Earp and his mistress for dinner, and that he attended their wedding reception in the midst of earning his reputation.

“There are always two sides to every story, Mother.”

“Oh, so he can rationalize killing all those men?”

“He’s a U.S. Deputy Marshall, Mother. It’s his job.”

Mrs O’Shea quickly changed the subject.

“You should know, Kathleen, that Mr Appleton passed away a little while ago.”

“I know, Mother. I got a letter from Siobhan.”

“Siobhan? You’re in touch with her? I hear she’s cavorting all over Europe.”

“She’s hardly cavorting. She’s a concert pianist performing all over Europe.”

Kait paused for a second before adding, “In fact, we’re going to see a couple of her concerts.”

“You are? Where?”

“Wherever we can catch up to her in Europe. She is supposed to be sending me her concert schedule.”

“You’re going to Europe?”

“Yes, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and Dan knows that.”

“Well, we would have sent you with Siobhan right after graduation. We were going to give it to you as a gift.”

“A gift? When, Mother? For my eighteenth birthday, you announced my betrothal to Elias Appleton as if that were a gift.”

“We had promised …”

“Promised? I understand you more or less bargained me to him in exchange for new wealth.”

Her mother looked straight ahead, her jaw clamped. “Well, it doesn’t really matter now. The man is dead.”

“Yes,” Kait said, “how fortunate for us all.”

Her mother turned to her, open-mouthed. Kait knew that look in her mother’s eye. She would have slapped Kait had they not been in public.

“Kathleen, what a terrible thing to say.”

“Is it? It brought you good fortune in that you were released from your debt to him that I so awkwardly left you with. And Daddy’s business will be quite healthy and successful now.”

“How would you know any of that?” Mrs O’Shea asked.

“The same way I knew that you had basically sold me to Elias Appleton. I had no desire to simply marry money and become another wealthy widow in the society pages. Did you think I was just some ‘Naughty Nellie’ who was out of control and ran away? I left once I discovered all the deceit around me.”

“Your father and I never knew why you left.”

“You couldn’t figure it out? As a matter of fact, why your sudden interest in cowboys and Wyatt Earp?”

“Oh, you are on a first-name basis with him, are you?”

Kait had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing. “He is a friend of Dan’s.”

Mrs O’Shea’s eyes widened. “I—I thought your young man seemed very nice, but he keeps company with Marshall Earp?”

“You didn’t answer my question about why your sudden interest in the West.”

“Well, we had discovered where you were, so we were trying to imagine the life you were leading. Did you start out as a saloon girl before your young man found you?”

Now it was her turn to want to slap her mother. But she bit the inside of her cheek, instead. “So, how did you find out where I was?”

“We got a letter from a man about a year after you left who told us where you were. He asked if we wanted him to bring you home, but we figured out right away that he just wanted money. We weren’t even sure if he knew where you were, but when he said he had met you on the train …”

Kait felt that her breath had just been sucked out of her. Would it never stop? She would never fathom that one. It was almost as though if he couldn’t have her, Dan wouldn’t have her, either, even to the point of taking her back to Boston.

“You look rather pale all of a sudden, Kathleen.”

She just had to be sure. “Jim Ringgold? Was that his name?”

“Hmm, I’m not sure. Your father mostly dealt with the correspondence. In the end, there were telegrams as if the man were getting desperate. But yes, I think his name was J. R. something. At first, he said he was a Pinkerton, and would we like him to find you and bring you home, but the more it went on, the more we felt that he was less than genuine.”

“I’ll say,” Kait said.

“So, you did know him?”

“Yes, I did meet him on the train from New Orleans to Arizona. But I thought he had gone on to San Francisco or something …”

The men returned at that moment, and Dan looked at Kait’s eyes. “Well, this was a lovely evening,” he said to Mr and Mrs O’Shea. “It was so nice to finally make your acquaintance.”

“How long will you be in town?” Mr O’Shea asked.

“We’re planning a trip up the coast,” Kait said, “and then we’re sailing to Europe the first of April.”

“Oh, so will we see you again? Surely, you’ll stop in before you depart.”

“I believe we will, Mr O’Shea,” Dan said. “I really want to see the magical conservatory that you built for Kathleen.”

Her father’s eyes shone. “Yes, well you would be very welcome. I was glad to be able to encourage her music in that manner.”

Dan reached out and shook Mr O’Shea’s hand, and he walked around to where Kait’s mother sat to help her up. He kissed her on the cheek, and she blushed. She actually blushed! Kait didn’t think she’d ever seen that in her mother before. Somehow, Kait thought, Dan had charmed her, just as he said he would.

Kait hugged her father and kissed her mother.

“Well,” her mother said to her just as they were ready to leave. “You’ve certainly given me a lot to think about.”

Kait wasn’t quite sure if that was good or bad, but from the sound of her voice, she had an inkling that it might be good.

When she told Dan what her mother had told her about Ringgold, he was shocked. “It’s like that man’s ghost is following us.”

“Don’t say such a thing,” Kait exclaimed.

They spent the next couple of weeks taking a trip up the coast. Despite the cold, they loved the rugged shores of Maine and New Brunswick.

When they returned to Boston, they went to her parents’ house one afternoon for tea, and to see the conservatory.

“No wonder this was your haven,” Dan said.

When they were ready to leave, Kait drew her mother aside. “Mama,” she said in a conciliatory tone. “I’m sorry if I was rude or catty that day at the Parker House. I had a lot pent up over the last year, but I really have forgiven everything, and I pray you will forgive me as well. Not one iota of it matters now. I know that you and Daddy are taken care of, and you can know that I am loved and protected where I am. I have love on my own terms.”

Her mother’s eyes were wet as she acknowledged Kait’s words. It wasn’t her mother’s way to be effusive, but Kait was satisfied with the love and peace she saw in her eyes.

A week later, they boarded the steamship to England. Kait was so surprised that it only took a week to arrive in Plymouth. “The Steam Age truly is a miracle, isn’t it?” she asked Dan.

“It’s a strange time,” is all Dan would say.

After travelling all over Britain, they headed to Paris by train. She thought it was the most beautiful and romantic city in all the world. But then she went to Rome, to Vienna, to Brussels, to Athens, and beyond, she thought each of them was equally beautiful as the last, and with its own charm.

They got to see Siobhan play in two different venues in Vienna, and Kait got to spend the day with her in between performances.

They could have talked forever, it seemed, and the day seemed far too short.

“Where do you go from here?” Kait asked.

“We travel to Amsterdam next week,” Siobhan said.

“We’re going in opposite ways, then,” Kait said. “If you ever decide to take a hiatus, please let me know, and we’ll help you to come out to see us. My mother keeps reminding me that we live in the desert, but she doesn’t really know. The Sonoran Desert is green and lush at certain times of the year. I think most people think it’s just sand dunes and cactus. Now that’s New Mexico,” Kait laughed, “but it’s not where we live. There is much to see and do, and we have 800 acres of ranch to explore.”

“I would never have expected it, Kait,” she said. “But the Wild West life seems to suit you very well.”

They took the train up the Rhine to Frankfurt, where a telegram from Doyle awaited them. When the stationmaster handed Dan the envelope, he had a troubled look on his face. Kait was sure a thousand things were going through his mind as to what might have happened.

He opened the envelope carefully and slowly pulled out the message. He read it twice, then yelped and laughed. “Doyle says he’s found himself a good woman, and that they’re getting married in September and would we mind coming home.” He laughed again. “Just like Doyle,” Dan said. “They couldn’t have planned it a couple of months out knowing we were coming back in September anyway? But who knows? Knowing Doyle, he has completely forgotten when we were coming back.”

“Not likely,” Kait said. “He has our itinerary, or he wouldn’t have sent the telegram here. He knows when we’re supposed to be back. Maybe he just misses you.”

“Misses me? No, I ’spect by now he’s decided it’s not so easy to run a cattle ranch by himself.”

He looked the telegram over yet again. “This means we’re going to have to cut our trip by a month.”

“Well,” Kait said, “I was thinking maybe we should do that anyway.”

“Why? Has it been too much? Are you getting restless? Homesick?”

“No, none of that.” She laughed.

“Well, what then?” he asked.

She took his hand and placed it on her belly. “Feel that little bump? I’m pretty sure you’re going to be a daddy.”

He picked her up and swung her around. “I can’t believe it!” he said. “And all this time I just thought you were seasick.”

“But we haven’t been on the sea for three months.”

“Motion-sick or whatever they call it.”

“Well, you’ve been very solicitous of my welfare, and I’ve loved every minute of it. But now you know. It’s also why I got a couple of those dresses in a larger size.” He had let her buy some Paris fashions, and she had them all shipped back to the ranch except for one.

The last night on the ship back to America, they had a gala affair for the first-class passengers. She got to wear her new Parisian dress, and Dan wore his suit with his red brocade vest and black bow tie, and his newest, shiniest boots.

When they entered the ballroom, they had to identify themselves to the doorman, who, in turn, introduced them to the rest of the guests.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Mister and Mistress Gallagher of Half Moon Ranch, Arizona Territory.”

A whoop and holler went up, followed by scattered applause.

Dan winked at her. “I told you so,” he whispered. “They love us.”


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